2K announces new 'WWE SuperCard' content - New York NY Video Game

"WWE SuperCard" just got a little mightier with new update.

"WWE SuperCard" features a new update that adds new cards, more animations and even a new card tier, 2K Sports announced in a press release obtained by Examiner.

The new "Survivor" card tier becomes the highest ranked card tier in the game and according to 2K Sports, is a permanent addition to the game, giving "WWE SuperCard" eight card rarity levels. To support the new card level, 2K said there are 60 new cards available in the game including new versions of The Rock, John Cena, managers and even "WWE 2K15" themed cards.

Also announced in the press release was the raising of the Energy card limit to 10, making the King of the Ring mode easier for gamers who play exhibition matches and rack up the support cards. 24 new in-ring animations were also added and rebalanced rewards and improved drop rates, making it easier than ever to score higher quality cards from winning exhibition matches.

Have you played "WWE SuperCard"? What do you think of the new bug fixes? Sound off in the comment section below.

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